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    18 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    This blog has now been moved to: http://www.inmyownwriteblog.com/

  2. Norman Chapman … The Other Quiet Beatle


    15 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    Some people who have found themselves on the periphery of the story of any legendary rock act are very happy …
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  3. Tommy Moore … A Cursed Life


    14 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    Thanks to Jim Berkenstadt, ‘The Rock and Roll Detective’, we now know a lot more from his book, ‘The Beatle Who …
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  4. John’s First Songwriting (Non-) Credit … There’s Something Askew Here!

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    12 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    None of the Beatles achieved the distinction of a writing credit on a generally released record until the Parlophone release …
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  5. Ivan Vaughan … The Catalyst Of The Beatles Story


    7 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    While he didn’t have any involvement in the music business, other than his brief spell on the tea-chest bass in …
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  6. The Banjo Player’s Father, And The Good Doctor

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    5 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    Tomorrow, 6th July, marks the 60th anniversary of the Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete, where John Lennon was introduced to …
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  7. Strawberry Field(s) Forever … And Ever

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    4 July 2017 by Philip Kirkland

    Any Beatles’ fan that visits Liverpool has to take a trip down Beaconsfield Road in Woolton to stop at the …
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Philip Kirkland was born in Derby, England and has lived in Mexico since 2001.
Together with his wife, he operates an annual thematic trip in Spanish to London and Liverpool for Mexican Beatles fans, has broadcast via internet TV, and is the only native of England in Mexico promoting the legacy of the Beatles.
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